NKCx Steering- and Expert committee

There is a joint steering committee for NKCx (which includes both analytical and process-register).


·         The steering committee's responsibilities are:

·         Define guidelines for future use

·         Manage the business in accordance with special guidance documents for quality registries

·         Go through and prioritize proposals for amendments

·         Taking decisions on the extraction of data concerning more than one county

·         To make sure the Quality of the take care chain for the prevention of cervical cancer


Steering committee members




Joakim Dillner

The Chairman of the Steering Group, Register NKCx / Analysis. Founder. Epidemiology, Virology

Charlotte Örndal

Registrar NKCx Process / RCC West. Gynecology

Björn Strander

Founder.  Gynecology

Anne Ekeryd-Andalen

Process leader RCC West

Christer Borgfeldt

Process leader RCC Syd

Charlotta Sävblom

Process leader RCC Stockholm/ Gotland

Miriam Elfström


Lena Silfverdal

Process leader RCC Norr

Lovisa Bergengren

Process leader RCC Uppsala-Örebro

Pär Sparén

Founder. Epidemiology, Statistic

Anna Palmstierna


Anders Hjerpe


Christer Kjellström


Karin Dahlin Robertsson


Peter Horal

Clinical Virology

Hendrik Edvardsson

Clinical Virology

Kristina Elfgren

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Irene Silverlo

Cytology Diagnostician

Annika Patthey


Bengt Andrae

Founder. Senior advisor