New Quality Indicator: X-ref Tables comparing cytology and subsequent histopathology

These tables illustrates the follow-up with subsequent histopatology samples made up to 12 months after the date of cytology. Follow-up has been done throughout the country, but the tables are separated by the laboratory which carried out the cytology.

The categories for the cytological diagnosis is indicated to the left in the tables and diagnoses for subsequent PAD is defined as categories top of the table. Efforts to interpret locally occurring codes for histopathological diagnosis has been completed for the whole country, and now there are only a few PAD having a SNOMED code that is interpreted as "Other".

We have followed up all cytology samples, even the benign ones (although in most cases, of course, there is no PAD after a benign cytology). A high accuracy as possible is desirable, but any target level of consistency between cytology and histopathology have not been specified.

This quality indicator is published with status of trial.

Snomed codes included in the Pad category 'Cancer': M69760, M80001, M80006, M80009, M80106, M80109, M80126, M80136, M80203, M80413, M80506, M80703, M80706, M80913, M81203, M81401, M81403, M81406, M81409, M82463, M83106, M83109, M83801, M83802, M83803, M83806, M84006, M84007, M84403, M84406, M84413, M84416, M84421, M84423, M84603, M84606, M84613, M84703, M84803, M84806, M84903, M84906, M85206, M85603, M85901, M88003, M88033, M88903, M89003, M89303, M89333, M89503, M89513, M89803, M89806, M96903, M98233, M98613

Page updated: 2015-10-07