Record High Attendance in Cervical Cancer Screening in Sweden

Participating in the cervical cancer screening in Sweden is higher than ever before: in 2015 82 % of the female population aged 23-60 years participated in the cell sampling program as recommended. Among women 23-25 years as much as 92% participated, which is a uniquely high figure. The high rate of participation indicates a high confidence in the screening program. In many counties the participation is increasing, only in a few of them a decline is observed. In most counties, more than 97% of the population received their summons on time. Only two counties convene fewer than 90% of the resident women

Today, the National Quality Registry for Cervical Cancer Prevention (NKCx) publishes the Annual Report on cervical cancer screening in Sweden for 2015. NKCx analyzes data on cell samples, tissue samples, HPV-tests and invitation statuses from all over the country and publishes the most significant indicators of the program quality and results

Here are some of the most important items from the Annual Report 2015/2016:

- National healthcare program for cervical cancer screening proposed. Sweden now gets evidence-based , equal, patient safe recommendations for a new gynecological screening program for all women in Sweden.

- Further news items from the report: There is a need for new guidelines in handling glandular epithelium. Data on the HPV-vaccination program, including a decrease in cell changes after HPV-vaccination and discussion about HPV-vaccination of boys

- Quantification of the effect of the program and possibilities of improvement through standardized national audits of the screening program and of the laboratories that perform screening.

Contact person: Joakim Dillner, Karolinska Hospital, tel 0768871126

The report can be downloaded here.

Updated: 2016-08-12