NKCx support for research

Our analysis database contains nationwide detailed information about the cell samples, tissue samples and invitations. We are also collecting data on HPV testing, where we will soon have a nationwide database.

The registry's overall aim is to improve the fight against cervical cancer by evaluating and coordinating efforts that reduce the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer, and reduce the negative side effects of preventive interventions. It can also be used to identify groups that can be studied more carefully in order to get a better understanding of tumor biology, and treatment effects.

Steps in the data extraction for research purposes

  1. Contact us
    Get in contact with the registrar or someone else in the project to discuss if it is possible to use the quality registry's data for your purposes. You will also get to know about any similar projects that are under way elsewhere and if the data extraction is associated with costs.

  2. Apply for ethical approval
    Necessary if the application involves sensitive personal data.
    Apply for permission to conduct research at the regional ethical review board. Applications must be so detailed that we can assess what the Ethics Committee has approved concerning what data may be used and how the personal data will be handled such as personal identification numbers, encoding and encryption etc. See EPN for more information and application form.

  3. Apply for data extraction from NKCx analysis register
    You can download a template to fill in using the link herein. The form is sent to the registrar.

  4. The application is processed
    The application is processed by the registrar in cooperation with the steering committee.

  5. Decision
    A decision on permission for data extraction and agreements established. The agreement regulates, for example, any costs arising, the variables that should be extracted, and how long the researcher will have access to data according to the project.

Page updated: 2019-09-10