Sven Gards stipendium för bästa avhandling i virologi 2015 till Miriam Elfström

Priset är på 40000 kronor och delas ut för avhandlingen “Optimizing Cervical cancer Prevention through Screening and HPV Vaccination”.

De sakkunnigas motivering är:

" The thesis of Klara Miriam Elfström has been selected to win the Sven Gard award for the best virology thesis presented at Karolinska Institutet during 2015. She defended her thesis for a doctoral degree with the title «Optimizing Cervical cancer Prevention through Screening and HPV Vaccination» at Karolinska Institutet on June 15 2015. In her thesis Elfström has addressed one of the current and major public health issues in cancer prevention, screening for cervical cancer and vaccination against HPV to prevent cervical cancer. Her thesis was based on six articles, five peer-reviewed published in very good journals and one manuscript. She evaluated the efficacy of HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer in several large international cohorts and addressed the interesting issue, how long HPV-vaccination exerts a protective effect. She investigated how to the optimize a public health organization for cervical cancer screening and HPV-vaccination including follow up. Finally she has looked at the until now controversial issue of HPV vaccination of boys. Her thesis represents methodologically thorough work, very well executed and presented. She shows a high degree of maturation in the way she reflects and discusses her data and results in the thesis. Her outstanding work is a significant contribution with a potential high impact on decision making in this crucial field of cancer prevention.”

Sidan uppdaterad: 2016-05-24